Brushing off the Moss
Reality's End
January 2nd, 2009 Update
So I finally found my password to get back in here. I did some forum cleaning, so there is much less porn and advert posts. Sorry to all of you that I just dissapointed with that announcement, but if I wanted that kind of thin on my site, I'd have a special place for it.
One last thing: The widgets tell you whether I am offline of AIM, or AWAY. if I am AWAY, whatever my away message is will automatically be sent to you. Get over it, that is how it works. Also the password can be found in the security room. That is a big hint there. Second hint is the password is all lowercase and spaces are omitted. What does that mean? That means that there are two words in the password. For example it could be "bigdoor". No it isn't literally "bigdoor," but you get how the words meld together. Also there are no symbols in the password, just lowercase letters. For serious.
Have I actually done anything on the website of recently? Not really, but you should get a Burnout game. I borrowed it last weekend and just got time to play it last night. Kinda busy.
As always, if you want something in here...lemme know. The email link is on the side of this page and if for some reason it isn't working, its boyachi@aol.com.


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